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Angree Vergyn
Posted - 2007.02.01 04:55:00 - [1]

In my travels in the Outer Ring, in the employ employer, one day at the end of a long run of gates I came across a system. A beautiful system, filled with all the mineral wonders one could hope for. Bistot, arkanor, and even the mystical mercoxit. There were a few local types lurking about, I assumed mining, and I opened a communication channel, in the hopes of seeing if they were willing to share these riches. I was told in rude terms that "no one has mined here in years." Greed is unseemly, but I can understand it as a human motive. However, I was then told that they don't mine either, they just kill those who come and try. Intrigued, I've lurked nearby and watched them from afar and near, and sure enough, they don't mine. They rarely leave the system. And they kill whoever wanders in.

A Dark Design indeed. I pity them their sad life, but at the same time they are a stain upon the universe, and should be destroyed. I'm here to ask, has anyone ever tried?

The system is A2V6-6, in the Outer Ring. They are called Dark Design.

Nolin Riis
Placid Reborn
Coalition Of Empires
Posted - 2007.02.01 11:41:00 - [2]

I suppose if you think about it, we capsuleers have nearly everything a person could want. Glory, money, renown, power. Territory is the only rare commodity, the one thing in limited enough supply for it to be truely coveted and guarded.

Yurai-Tenshin Zaibatsu
Celestial Imperative
Posted - 2007.02.05 03:20:00 - [3]

I don't get it. They have the minerals and don't want others to mine them, fine. But why not let people mine and them split the prophets with them for permission or something?

Omerta Syndicate
Exuro Mortis
Posted - 2007.02.05 05:28:00 - [4]

My guess is the very act of you observing them changed what you were going to see. If you were floating around in what I assume was a Covert vessel of some kind, then you likely raised all kinds of suspicions. If you were in something obviously harmless, then it still may be the case you spooked them. Cheap ships used as forward scouts to launch attacks on industrial operations is hardly a new trick or an uncommon sight.

I find it hard to believe resources like that are not capitalised upon at least partially by forces that are able to control access to them. I find it harder still, to believe that a group of capsuleers sits that far deep into zero-sec, patiently waiting to catch miners and others that have somehow made it there alive in the first place. The types that live purely for the kill are often found in the first jump into zero-sec in bottleneck systems, or roaming troubled regions rife with combat like Syndicate and others.

Bottom line, it looks like they lied to you in an effort to make you leave so they could get back to doing what they claim they don't.

Posted - 2007.02.05 08:26:00 - [5]

A2 is claimed by Dark Design. Their purpose is to farm the 10/10 complex for isk. I don't want to speculate what they do with the ISK. Dark Design consist of two or three members with alts. If you can bring a small fleet its easy to fight them since they seem to have problem fighting with all their alts.

Dark Design are BoB pets. They pay BoB for being allowed to do the plex. A2 is considered the jewel in Outer Ring and also as Blacklight's holiday resort. If you bring a small fleet to A2 you can expect BoB to be there within short time to support their pets.


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