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Dark Motoko
Stormlord Battleforce
Posted - 2006.09.09 15:58:00 - [1]

Edited by: Dark Motoko on 09/09/2006 16:09:27
Ok, while I'm sure at the moment the CCP team is sitting back and thinking, 'Hooray, the server is currently up and working properly', some of us are getting serious reason to differ. I just felt I had to write about what just happened to me, since I haven't seen nearly enough complaints on this in the forum compared to what I see and hear from people in-game.

I just tried an L4 Pirate Invasion; I warp over, trigger the gate. My hardeners take 4-5 seconds to activate, but that isn't so bad. Neutral

Ok, so I start destroying the first group that auto-aggros me. My launchers take 5-10 seconds to activate; not brilliant, but bearable. A few cruisers go down.
The auto-aggro group sends a few frigates, so I release my medium drones and send them after one. Four or five minutes later, and after repeating the command a fair few times, my drones are still not bothering to target the specific frigate I selected, but are picking their own. Handy that.

Inevitably, I then need to shield boost, so I hit the module. After about 10 seconds it activates, and then shuts down immediately once orders. That would be alright, but within the space of 3 or 4 activations, it then takes 20 seconds or more to activate. Bit worrying, right? ugh

My thoughts at this point are, 'to hell with this', so I order my ship to align to a beacon in preparation for my warping out. My drones are a lost cause - they still haven't attacked that frigate target, and now certainly won't return to me. I order a warp when aligned properly and wait.
Over 30-40 seconds pass before my ship actually goes to warp. ugh
Pretty good thing I decided to warp early before my ship actually needed to get out of there.

Now...where am I? Some system with hundreds of players in local? Jita? Rens?
No, I was in Aramachi, with about 55-60 players in local at the time. There were about 21000 online at the time server-wide.

Aha, I hear CCP say,'You must have a slow connection or low specification pc'.
Aha, I say - I use high speed broadband and a pc which far outstrips the system requirements of eve, plus I was running nothing else apart from eve, and no other computer was using my conn. via a network etc.

This is not some isolated incident, but has been happening to myself, and others I know for weeks.
It's getting steadily worse as CCP introduce each new patch.

Please CCP, try and tell me that this is down to me, and not a serious problem server side.
Now, I like eve - I have a good corp and friends on eve, but try to tell me that you're giving me a service worthy of what I've paid for my subscription.

Stop boasting about your 30000 players online a one time, and start trying to improve the quality of gameplay of those subscribers that you have rather than trying to get more or people will begin to stop playing. In plenty of places, the lag was ridiculous on the night of the 30k players, and eve was only really playable once it had dropped down below 25k from my point of view.

Anyhow, rant over. Rolling Eyes
Pick holes as you wish.

Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.09 16:07:00 - [2]

I have to agree with what Dark is trying to say here. For the past couple of weeks i have had the same experience and i have lost ships to it aswell, but they have been reimburst, so thats no problem.

I think its great that we have had over 30k players online at one time but we have to think further and ask ourselfs if the server really can handle it? IMO it havnt been all that great tbh.

I would also like to see CCP maybe take this infront of them and discuss it because this is a very serious thing.

Dark Motoko
Stormlord Battleforce
Posted - 2006.09.09 16:07:00 - [3]

Edited by: Dark Motoko on 09/09/2006 16:08:15
I just pulled this from Aramachi local after posting the above rant. (Local's jumped to the shock-horrer count of 74.)

[15:52:23] Deandra Laan > damn, lag in this system is bad
[15:52:40] JamesTalon > lag is bad everywhere
[15:53:13] Sue Malorie > I asked Coffecup in a polite way if there is something that could be done... no answer.
[16:00:23] Ohmy Fugod > yah lag's just been getting worse after the last patches
[16:01:31] Sue Malorie > yup... this is a nice solar system so it would be bad if this area is not possbile to do missions etc...

I think the phrase I'm looking for is 'I rest my case'

Posted - 2006.09.09 16:16:00 - [4]

Never a truer post has been made. For me ever since the server side patch was applied the games update speed has been appauling. I often wait at least 5 timed seconds for modules to activate, and I run missions in the quiet time when there's less than 15k people on.

I have noticed that certain systems seem to be more effected than others, and on my travels have been in systems where things were working swiftly having hardly any issues. Sadly I dont have any mission agents there otherwise I would move in a heartbeat. For the moment I am stuck in thashkarai (tash murkon).

I have seen certain posters say, 'its client side I haven't had any issues therefore its all in your head', my response to this is since the patch the vast majority of people I speak with in game have noticed a reduced quality game experience, more disconnects, increased lag, more bugs. It cant be in all our heads now can it? It would be nice to see CCP acknowledge the issue and actually show that they are working on it, and are pulling there fingers out. surely they must be aware of the situation (I hope). At the very least get them to concentrate on fixing things rather than adding to the borkage!

Posted - 2006.09.09 16:21:00 - [5]

You all are mentioning lags of 15 - 20 seconds. That's true for this afternoon - after the DC I had (reported due to a node crash) - Before that DC, I was having module activation times of 2 minutes or more.

I was eventually able to complete my mission - a short, easy one, thankfully and then decide to spend my time doing other things than waiting 45 second or more for loot cans to open.

And just in case people wonder, this is the same computer I have been playing Eve with for the last year and I am quite familiar with what I can do on my end to resolve certain issues.

Ohmy Fugod
Posted - 2006.09.09 16:28:00 - [6]

I so sadly have to totally concur with the OP.

It's not just an overnight issue, but actually getting worse with each day. Really worse.

At first I thought it was my isp and was ready to set 'em on fire. Then I realized people slowly started to complain in corp or local chat.

Now, some days after the first issues people is complaining left and right about the lag just growing to epic proportions.

All of this started slowly ever since the OS patch. That one where older Windows versions stopped being a viable EVE platform. After that it just kept growing.

And before that patch, I never had lag issues, much less disconnects. Even in Jita during a busy day, things ran a bit choppy, but more than acceptable nonetheless.

However right now it's really, really gone beyond tolerable.

Weird thing is, I play in Aramachi mostly, just as the OP. Which doesn't happen to be a busy system at all. But the same thing's been happening everywhere else. Jita now became impossible to step into.

Also, I play mostly during weekdays, where the record amount of players must've been around 22k. Usually around 15-18k. So it doesn't seem to be related to the player or system population.

Anyway, hope you devs can do something about this, it's just getting worse by the day and it's certainly something to take care of in a mmorpg.

Toman Torax
Rage For Order
Posted - 2006.09.09 16:38:00 - [7]

Dear CCP,

The lag is causing the game to become unplayable. This is happening more and more often, recently. It is starting to seem there are more laggy days than playable days, now.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated trying to play through this. If it continues like this, I will consider cancelling my subscription.

Please make fixing the lag a priority, as I am not the only one frustrated by this lag, and not the only one considering taking my money elsewhere.

And an HONEST response to this would be most appreciated. Not "go do missions in another system" or some other silly suggestion. That doesn't fix the problem.

Please, dear CCP, fix this game that we all love. Pretty please.

Thank you.

Posted - 2006.09.09 16:48:00 - [8]

Edited by: Bodestone on 10/09/2006 20:22:54
Was chatting with some of the posters on this topic and thought what we need is a control subject.

I had been running missions, some with numerous NPCs, in a system not far away with absolutely no problems.

I decided to take a trip to Aramachi and see for myself. Even getting close it was starting to take a while for the autopilot to approach gates and the MWD to kick in. Once in Aramachi I just bummed about between stations and gates for a while and was getting 2-5 second delays on module activation. Not good considering that was without the additional load of numerous NPC actions to cope with.

RoCkEt X
Posted - 2006.09.09 16:58:00 - [9]

Well, dark motoko is certainly right, i have experienced a lag on modules of up to 3 mins in aramachi, not good.

as we all know when you lock a target, you get like little pulsing arrows arround the target with a countdown in the form of a bar. when the bar reaches 0.00 seconds the target is locked, right??, well no, the arrows kept doing thier thing, the bar had gone, and the lines you get across the screen so that you can tell where the target is were there, but it wasnt locked. after about 5mins it finally locked. this was a relief but i managed to sort it out.

the odd thing was today i started a guristas extravaganza (lvl 4) which i was expecting to take 3 hours. So after a while a finished the 3rd stage. so i warps into 4th stage, ZOMG! the server node goes or whatever, i lose my connection, come back and scratch my head for 2 minutes, a short while after my entire mission respawned, meaning i had to start over. i was thinking, ok more bounty isk for me, but then it happened twice more and just wasnt funny any more. it took me 9 hours to complete my mission, so i lost my bonus. ok big deal, 1.5mil not alot to me, but every little bit counts to saving up for buying the final skills for my carrier (which are completely out of order because the ship costs less than the skills required to fly it)

all of the lag issues seem to be worse in aramachi.

it is very worrying, and i can predict that you will be recieving many petitions about people who have lost thier ships due to lag. they will all be angry and annoyed because the loss of thier ship was no fault of thier own. So would it be good for both parties (players and CCP) if somehow we worked out why aramachi is so badly affected and combated the problem.

-RoCkEt X
-Divisional director
-The Order Of Chivalry

Ohmy Fugod
Posted - 2006.09.09 18:05:00 - [10]

Oh I wish so much the problem would be just Aramachi.

Unfortunately I've been experiencing it not only there, but anywhere else I visited, including Saila, usually-deserted-Oichiya, Motsu, Muvolainen, Sobaseki, and of course Jita.

It translates into delays of many sorts for pretty much everything, with chat room usage probably being the less affected. But warp activation, module operations, targetting, jumpgate and accel gate activation, the whole station interface, like the missions or industry panels, market window, every single People and Places tab, not just the bookmarks one, all of it suffers greatly from this problem.

So deeply hope no one at CCP ends up believing it's just about moving an agent around or whatnot. This is clearly something that has been introduced with the last important patch

And trust me, lag it's by far the most important problem for an mmog. Well you guys know this already.

I truly hope you're aware of this issue and working on it. Because it's wearing down peeps patience -including mine- way too fast.

CamelKnight III
Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.09 20:39:00 - [11]

This is really starting to annoy me. I'm not one to whine quickly. I usually have no trouble with Eve and for the 2+ years I've been here, I've had loads of fun playing this awesome game. For which I thank CCP.

But the last few weeks, after the Dragon code branche update, things have taken a turn for the worse.
As I recall CCP told us the Dragon code should remove bugs, make the game faster and more stable. Nothing of it all. I've noticed more and more bugs, have experienced lag which make it unbearable to play and have experienced more server and node crashes in the last two weeks then in the 4 months before.
It annoys me. No, it saddens me and makes me angry! I pay for this game. But the last week, lag has been so bad that I just logged out and played different games!
Eventhough I was in a system with only 2 other players in deep 0.0 space, I was still getting enormous lag. When I set my autopilot to fly to Misaba, 8 jumps from my current space, it showed 3(!!) traffic advisory's! 3!!!
I'm used to playing up to 3-4 a.m. in the weekends, 1-2 a.m. on weekdays. It's half past 10 p.m. now and I stopped because the lag was annoying me like hell. You're taking away my addiction. I have withdrawal symptoms! YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME!

But on a serious note: I'm really annoyed with Eve atm. Each big update makes the game less stable and more laggy. That's not what ANY update should do.
How is CCP going to solve this? And how is CCP going to make up for days we're unable to play due to lag, server crashes, crappy code and what not more?

CamelKnight III
Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.09 20:53:00 - [12]

/me slaps Grez

Maybe CCP should work on fixing their server AND their code?
Get real Grez, there are obvious problems in the game. The fact that you don't experience them is most probably because your computer is so slow, it's no difference to you.
I, however, do see a difference, and a big one too. Even with my 20Mbit down/2Mbit up connection I have lag. My computer has never had any trouble running Eve, or any other game for that matter, so that's not an issue either.

And btw, all those ppl I see crashing when another node dies... they must have bad connections or bad computers aswell, no?
Staying out of laggy parts of the galaxy is not an option when you're running missions. Nor is CCP letting us know which parts of the game are laggy.

And even if they were, that's not what I'm paying for. I'm paying for a full game, not for 75% of a game!

Lucien D'rant
Posted - 2006.09.09 21:29:00 - [13]

Originally by: CamelKnight III
/me slaps Grez

Maybe CCP should work on fixing their server AND their code?
Get real Grez, there are obvious problems in the game. The fact that you don't experience them is most probably because your computer is so slow, it's no difference to you.
I, however, do see a difference, and a big one too. Even with my 20Mbit down/2Mbit up connection I have lag. My computer has never had any trouble running Eve, or any other game for that matter, so that's not an issue either.

And btw, all those ppl I see crashing when another node dies... they must have bad connections or bad computers aswell, no?
Staying out of laggy parts of the galaxy is not an option when you're running missions. Nor is CCP letting us know which parts of the game are laggy.

And even if they were, that's not what I'm paying for. I'm paying for a full game, not for 75% of a game!

I agree with ganz tho I do admit it seems eve is going down more often and crashing the lag between modules I have not experienced and my computer is a broadband connection and a above average processor. The game has a problem but that commonly happens so we have to wait till they fix it and about the changes that everyones saying they shouldn't do the people working on the changes and the people who fix the servers and develop fixes are in different departments that do not go to other departments so if they are getting paid for it and have to be there they might as well start. I'm not saying sit there and twiddle your thumbs but anyone who works with servers knows that its a tough chore and that the proper equipment to run something that has 30 k people on one server is a tough task so again its not oh don't insult the godly ccp its more of try to understand they are working on it and they may not always be able to tell you what they are doing but if your complaining they know about it. Also not to be rude but 15 dollars USD per month is not that much for a unique gaming experience like this.

Posted - 2006.09.09 22:30:00 - [14]

Im with Dark wtf is the point of EVE when u cant play the damn game.
Pick up your game ffs this is stupid.
Think it in the terms of a business, when you dont pick up the game your fired.
Whats gonna happen in CCP then?
Wheres the Value for money gone now? What DO i pay for?

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.09.09 22:31:00 - [15]

Have had days now stuck at "Acquiring Bulk Data" intermittedly. When I manage to get in the char screen I still ctd 9/10 times. The lucky one time I get in I get stuck in a system after making 3-4 jumps, then ctd.

I've cleared my cache, renamed folders, did fresh installs, everything short of zealous trance dances, and still nothing.

Worst patch deployment ever, in any game I've played. It makes me want to escape my fantasy world and find refuge in RL Shocked

Doctor Blue
Posted - 2006.09.09 22:32:00 - [16]

- I've been playing 15 months and never felt the need to complain before.
- I hope everyone else who if finding things virtually unplayable the last few weeks signs up here to. Please fix things ccp before this becomes the beginning of the downslide for Eve, and CCP become 'victims of their own success'.

Neo Spartans
Laconian Syndicate
Posted - 2006.09.09 23:24:00 - [17]

Originally by: CamelKnight III
/me slaps Grez

Maybe CCP should work on fixing their server AND their code?
Get real Grez, there are obvious problems in the game. The fact that you don't experience them is most probably because your computer is so slow, it's no difference to you.
I, however, do see a difference, and a big one too. Even with my 20Mbit down/2Mbit up connection I have lag. My computer has never had any trouble running Eve, or any other game for that matter, so that's not an issue either.

And btw, all those ppl I see crashing when another node dies... they must have bad connections or bad computers aswell, no?
Staying out of laggy parts of the galaxy is not an option when you're running missions. Nor is CCP letting us know which parts of the game are laggy.

And even if they were, that's not what I'm paying for. I'm paying for a full game, not for 75% of a game!

So my FX-60, 4GB of ram, 2x X1900XTX's and a Creative X-fi sound card is slow? Jesus I must be behind with the times. Chances are you're lagging because you're on a node that's sharing a few systems that are traffic heavy. Just spread out a little more...

Fear Not
The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2006.09.10 00:11:00 - [18]

Edited by: Fear Not on 10/09/2006 00:19:03

Nothing else to say really. It's all been covered.

It's not so much the lag, it's the lack of acknowledgement that is frustrating. This really is a big problem. Spreading out and finding a system that isn't lagged out is not what I want to do (to poster above) - but to be honest I think you are just trolling.

My sub is due on the 18th and I don't plan to renew it. I may as well go to the drain at the bottom of my drive and stuff 15 euros down it.

GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.09.10 00:18:00 - [19]

Edited by: Niding on 10/09/2006 00:18:59
Spread out a little more?

The problem with that is that you will spend most of your gaming time trying to escape the lag instead of actually playing...

This isnt a game of "Evade the lag"... Wink

I still play the game and will continue so, but when it gets bad i find myself playing other games just to let the "annoyance level" drop to a acceptable level before logging back on EVE then something is wrong.

Dark Motoko
Stormlord Battleforce
Posted - 2006.09.10 00:49:00 - [20]

As the OP, let me remind you that this isn't meant as a thread for trolling or flaming etc. I'm just trying to blow the whistle on the fact that the recent patches and new material are only damaging gameplay and eve as a whole, rather than enhancing it, and that CCP need to recognize this fact and address it before introducing any new material to aggravate the situation further.

To Grez's first comment; it isn't a solution for people to simply 'not use contested nodes'.
Do you not think such an idea defeats the point of the game here somewhat? We want to be able to use good agents, to visit the systems that are useful for trade and so on, leaving these just to escape lag doesn't solve the actual problem. We then can't run missions or similarly earn money and progress in the game.

As a final note to CCP themselves. Look a little above this at Fear Not's last comment. Proof positive of what I'm saying. Fix the lag before looking at anything else, or you'll start losing more and more people as they no longer see Eve Online as value for money.

Acinonyx Jubatus
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.09.10 02:05:00 - [21]

Ugh, since I jsut woke up I'll say it here, since it fits...

Earlier I was plying eve, and thigns seemed "ok" however it was slightly laggy in places, I even randomly warped through then backwards through a station, then got connection lost.

Ok, no biggie, I sign back on and hope it doesn't happen again, I wander off to a system further away and run 2 missions, first one was risky as it jsut started to lag out on me with 20+ ships all on me now.

Then the second one, took 6-10 seconds to activate a module... seeing as I was somewhat fed up witht his, and not looking forward to misisong rinding for the day in this lag, I just logged off after I finished the mission. :/

I've noticed it more than often lately, I find it more entertainment now from sleeping all day for no reason, than playing eve from this lag.

Xen Pyro
Posted - 2006.09.10 02:40:00 - [22]

I will also have to chime in and agree with the OP. The patch has made my Eve experience "not so spiffy". I have encountered the, hit the jump gate and lose 40% frame rate issue, until I hit 5 FPS and then its bye-bye for me. I have seen other peeps say it is a client side issue. Maybe so, but it wasn't a "client side issue" for me until this patch.

I have two accounts that up until now I was considering expanding to three.

It makes me sad to say this, but playing Eve now kinda wants to make me troll around for another MMO to try just in case this one is tanking.

Edu Journeyman
Posted - 2006.09.10 03:42:00 - [23]

I wonder why there are no posts of the "fanboys" here saying: "Shutup your winners, I'm tired of your complains, if you don't like EVE, quit and go play other thing, blah, blah, blah..." folowed buy other "troller" post saying: "Hey, I can have your stuff before you quit?"

Still no answer from CCP staff, there are LOTs of threads about this situation since the "patch of the patch Dragon" was deployed.

There are some possibilities tho:

1- Devs are working hard in the last development of Kali to deploy it in the next days... (I hope only a few days, cuz if it will take 15 days to be deployed and the community will NOT play EVE till there...) And cannot be bothered with changing some code that will be replacedConfused

2- Devs are working hard with CCP partners in China to localize the game there... Confused

3- Devs are working hard to keep the moderators and GM silent, taking a course far from where they have gained respect and admiration from the community for the fact of sharing with us what was happening... Confused

4- Devs are common ppl, that sleep, have weekends, family, other stuff to do, like any of us, and we have to wait some days till some1 from CCP can explain what is happening... (Kieron is on vacations, BTW) ugh

5- Other possibility that I don't remember now to post, sorry, but sure, some of the players or even some of CCP staff can help me remind... Wink

Dead poets society
The Laughing Men
Posted - 2006.09.10 03:56:00 - [24]

Edited by: Shinzann on 10/09/2006 03:56:24

If it makes you folks in Aramachi feel any better, I get booted from Torrinos (which gets up to 100+ occasionally while I'm online) on a regular basis, ever since the Dragon arrived. I've been playing since February, and I've never been disco'd in all those months as much as I have in the few days since that patch.

On the plus note, I'm getting better at knowing when I'm going to get disco'd. Cool

Not that it really helps me when I have a screen full of NPC rats blasting away at me.

Mean Corp
Posted - 2006.09.10 04:36:00 - [25]

In my short tenure with EVE/CCP i've absolutely loved the game. Damn near every aspect of it. as a mmo vet of 6years i thought it my final stop, for real. i've never had a bad thing to say about the game, until now.

lag and lag alone is killing it for me. i used to log in an average of 8hrs/day cause i'm nerdly like that. i haven't played even close to 8hrs over the last 2 weeks combined. i reactivated and started playing 1 of my older, enjoyable mmo's again.

to be brief, it's repairable for starters. something went wrong within the last 3 weeks. while a large number of peeps ingame simultaneously causes lag issues, i have logged in (in the last 2+weeks) with only 8-12k peeps on and have had the worst lag i have seen since i started my account almost 9 months ago.

while 9 months old is an eve noob to some, i've played more mmo's than most and i know wtf when it comes to playable enjoyability.

it's broken, fix it or lose peeps.

thank you and party on.

Dnaltrop Nogero
Posted - 2006.09.10 04:46:00 - [26]

A week of condensed play...

Hmmn... extravaganza (cancel)

Hmmn... Zazmatazz still has that darn right hand, um no. (cancel)

Hmmn... Duo of death, only... 7 things that shoot back to kill... WOOOO! only one, maybe 2 reload cycles... Yay, can manage a mission finally.

How about low sec, hmmn that would be suicide with this lag.

It's bad... veeery bad. Courier missions would work, but I can pick up things and put them somewhere else already without a computer game to simulate it.

No thanks.

Yes, the devs are very, very, very, (x1000 to save space) busy trying to put out fires in advance of Kali, but this is pushing the endurance and patience of people who pay good money for the game that is here NOW, and even that should be more than a chat client. (Lately even chat is lagging out now)

Just toss a bone out to the starving packs of players, and let em chew on the marrow. Perhaps a few free days tossed into the accounts to prorate for our lost time.

Keep their mouths occupied in the game instead of on the forums.

Posted - 2006.09.10 05:20:00 - [27]

CCP has done a tremedous job fixing lag in this game. It was much worse before Castor.

Now it seems, content upgrades and more users are beginning to impact performance again, so here are some suggestions:

Book Mark Copying

Bookmark copying is a big contributor to lag. Apparently, the 5 BM copy limit has done nothing to fix this.

So if it still is BM copying, then CCP needs to add "Warp to 0 km" to get control of the bookmark situtation. There are plenty of other ways to make isk without this unintended market.

If CCP can get warp bubble and warp probe game mechanics to work right, this would be able to compensate for the PvP'ers worried about their gate camps.

Simplify the UI

You have to do a lot of unnecessary clicking to get things done in this game.

Take the Market for example....

When you click on a item group, you get the default group view which loads most of the market details for every item in a group. This is a waste of server resources, since most market users only care about this level of detail for the specific item they want to buy, not every item in the group. It takes time to load all this, and it gets thrown away immediately when the buyer clicks away from it.

Given the cost of loading this view, it should never have been made a default load.

The UI is just chock full of views that are loading a lot more info than needed at the default level. This all needs to be sorted out and streamlined.

Major Dim
Stain Empire
Posted - 2006.09.10 05:30:00 - [28]

Edited by: Major Dim on 10/09/2006 05:30:24

Austin Game Conference - September 8, 2006 - CCP Games announced today the largest supercomputer cluster in the history of the gaming industry for EVE Online, one of the leading science fiction Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). The upgraded server cluster features dual-processor 64-bit AMD Opteron-based IBM BladeCenter LS20 blade servers, as well additional enhancements to the clusters internet backbone.

"The sharp growth rate of EVE Online was pushing the limits of the technology we replaced," said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. "Our goal was to implement a scalable solution that could accommodate the influx of new subscribers and gracefully manage the steadily increasing demand put on our infrastructure. IBM provided us with optimized hardware that improved overall game performance and increased capacity, especially during peak server usage timeframes."

The EVE Online supercomputer cluster manages over 150 million database transactions per day on a 64-bit hardware architecture from IBM. The database servers don't use traditional hard drives but instead Solid State Disks (SSD) which are recognize as the worlds fastest storage devices with over 400,000 random I/Os per second. The recent world record of over 30,000 concurrent users on a single shard is a testament to the clusters capabilities and CCP is looking forward to support at least 50,000 concurrent users.

"CCP has really innovated traditional MMOG design," said David Laux, IBM Global Executive, Games & Interactive Entertainment. "IBM is proud to provide the powerful technology that will bring new excitement to the EVE community and help CCP continue to be successful."

Did i hear someone sigh?


Psilocybe Cubensis
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.09.10 06:56:00 - [29]

Originally by: Grez
I have no lag down in Stain ... Or anywhere else for that matter, maybe you should stay off contested nodes...

My connection on my main in Curse has slowly been getting worse.

When jumping into a new system it takes a while to load and half the time I do an emergency warp once I have loaded. Doesn't make for a very good impression on my enemies :(

I thought it was me, but my alt in empire is fine and loads new systems real quick.

Posted - 2006.09.10 07:17:00 - [30]

This post is right on. My agent is also in aramachi. In that system and the surrounding systems it regularly takes 10 seconds for modules to activate. You also get lots of lag spikes where nothing will update for 30 seconds or more. Thne you'll see the fast-forward effect. You also get a lot of the rubberbanding effect, where you see the same thing happening over and over. Your shop backs up a few meters suddenly, etc.

I've tried to only do missions whent he server has 15k ppl, it makes no difference. It's very hard to play. I feel like I'm trying to run underwater all the time.

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