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Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.13 23:38:00 - [1]

Edited by: Sygma on 27/08/2009 16:52:18

4 Year old PVP corp now opening recruitment. You will receive training, experienced fleet commanders, lots of fun, and endless comraderie.

Arrow Based in Curse Region(LOTS of targets) (0.0 space)
Arrow Must use Ventrilo
Arrow Very few blues (LOTS of targets)
Arrow Logistics Assistance if you have a lot to move
Arrow The Obligatory Killboard
Arrow Mature players 18+ Mature Preferably
Arrow We are NOT an industrial corp (Not the POS type)
Arrow Small Fleet warfare including (Black Ops hot drops, Frig and cruiser gangs, Ganking random large alliances, and basically making curse our own little playground.)

If you can fly BC and smaller we want to talk to you. Tacklers always welcome...if you want to learn to tackle, that counts too. T1 Frigs, Destroyers free, as are T1 Cruisers if available. If you loose it...who cares, get another.

We are aslo willing to merge with corps that want to move out to 0.0

Convos required in game before application, and screenshot, limited api data so we dont attract alts.

Convo me or leave a message.

Jan Riksma
Cosmic Fusion
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.14 05:31:00 - [2]

Top bunch of pvp-ers and nutters

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.14 21:42:00 - [3]

Bumpage...and thanks Jan are quite good yourself.

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.15 14:30:00 - [4]

Bump for curse carnage.

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.17 21:01:00 - [5]

Edited by: Sygma on 18/08/2009 21:52:02
The ambiquitous..ubiquitous...something biquitous.<sp> daily bump for 08/17/2009

Martin Law
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.08.18 06:17:00 - [6]

If ure looking for lots of pew pew, A4D has it.

Hardly any blues and lots of neuts/reds in curse.....

Hail The Firm Twisted Evil

Come and join us..............YARRRR!!

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.18 21:54:00 - [7]

Convo me, write me an email..twitter me...wait, I don't have twitter

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.19 23:40:00 - [8]

If you want targets, move to curse, if you want to be a target, join another corp. : P

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2009.08.24 00:24:00 - [9]

Looking for some North American time zone pilots.

SSgt Sniper
SSgt Sniper Temporary corp
Posted - 2009.08.25 21:22:00 - [10]

I fly with these guys, laid back but know their business when it is business time.

Our corp is closed, but when someone contacts me I refer them to these guys.

Come fly with us!

Trauma Ward
Posted - 2009.08.26 05:28:00 - [11]

Big Bump for some old friends. Smoke em if u got em!

Ship Magnet
Posted - 2009.08.27 17:13:00 - [12]

Just a daily bumb for a top notch non afiliated 0.0 Alliance

Posted - 2009.08.27 17:15:00 - [13]

Sygma will also sing for you personally on vent.

Posted - 2009.08.31 03:07:00 - [14]

GREAT place for newcommers to start their pvp experience. The leaders of this group really know their ****. Pay attention, ask questions, and learn the trade. Quality leadership. Curse is the hardest of the hardcore, and these boys have lived there forever. If you can make it in curse, everywhere else is cake. Try them out.

p.s. they have those funny Austrailian mexicans

Posted - 2009.09.01 22:10:00 - [15]

Top bunch of guys, great bunch of pvpers, they are a hoot to fly with. Siskel and Ebert gives A4D two thumbs up!


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