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- Isk laundering. ...2011.08.19 14:35:00
- For me it isn't that the risks are too great but that the rewards are too poor.For a MD investment t ...2011.08.19 13:15:00
- the ships aren't the first target, more often then not, they survive gang fights while the battleshi ...2011.08.17 10:42:00
- For example, did Bad Bobby really need to keep returning for more and more public money? Wouldn't he ...2011.08.14 08:07:00
- Now suddenly I don't know what to buy I've never had this problem. One of the great things about th ...2011.08.12 12:48:00
- money is ... something to use, to buy food / have a life / family etc. not the end to peruse nor som ...2011.08.12 12:39:00
- I just can't roleplay myself into Monopoly money To be honest, my experience of RP EVE players is t ...2011.08.12 11:46:00
- If I understand you correctly you have a char which has received some BPOs for copy from a client. N ...2011.08.12 09:02:00
- What are the BPOs in question?What rate of BPC production did you agree with the client? Is it the f ...2011.08.12 08:43:00
- I got space rich by drinking heavily and stealing money from other drunk people, true story. This m ...2011.08.11 11:56:00
- @BB - contract up. Sorry about the delay. Accepted. ...2011.07.24 11:31:00
- Done. I'll put the contracts up later today. Where are they located? ...2011.07.23 07:45:00
- Orca 2/1 Orca 4/1 Cargo Bay 150/30 Cargo Bay 200/20 Cargo Bay 40/15 Construction Parts 100/20 ...2011.07.23 07:23:00
- So if you firesale them at 11.3b npc value, thats about 3.45b profit to cover interest and your 3rd ...2011.07.23 06:36:00
- 7.85bil has been spent on 7 prints. I have, therefore, returned 8bil of the remaining 8.15bil in cas ...2011.07.23 06:33:00

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